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Getting To Know You

The Music Library is in its third week of being open to students. We had a strong start with roughly 40 student visits in the first two weeks, which is great considering it is near the end of the semester. To help keep track of visits, we use sign-in sheets with date, time, name and reason for visit. The sheets will help to decide what are the best hours to be open, what are the resources most students are interested in, and provide documentation for Title III funding. You can download a copy of the sign-in sheet here, if you’d like to use it. It is in word document format.

I would also like to take this time to thank the first “crew” of the ECSU Music Library: student workers Justin Garland & Jimmie Rodgers, and Interim Music Librarian Susan Corell-Hankinson.

Music Library Gang1

Justin, Jimmie, Stephanie, Susan



They were such a great help in getting things ready before I arrived, as well as continued support. Of course, we had a lot of help from the G.R. Little Library staff too! Needless to say, we had a great time getting everything together…

Music Library Gang2


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May 7, 2013 · 3:39 pm